The Black Luv Festival features national and locally recognized artists including: Black Sheep, Yahzarah, Fertile Ground, and Urban Ave 31 featuring Jive Recording Artist Raheem DeVaughn. Several institutions and social organizations commit to the L.U.V. festival’s message of upliftment, empowerment and world community awareness and outreach: Max Robinson Aids Clinic/Whitman Walker, Us Helping Us, American Diabetes Association, Ummah Endowment Fund, Black Men Coalition, DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Cease Fire Don’t Smoke the Brothers, Men on the Move, and Common Sense for Drug Policy.

Check back to this dicussion forum for updates on featured performances at the National Black Luv Festival 2008 coming September 16th.

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Footage from the 7th Annual Black LUV Festival
Any word on whose performing? I hope Fertile Ground does again...they're my favorites!
I will know after Tuesday's general body meeting.


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