Sign In or Sign Up Problems

Problems with Sign Up or Sign In can be due to a number of causes:

1) Javascript needs to be turned on. You can refer your members to this page for details on how to enable Javascript.

2) Clearing cookies can also help at times. Here are detailed instructions on how to do this for all browsers we support.

3) Also Firefox can cause issues signing up (or signing in) when certain plug ins are installed. You can read about this here.

4) The person trying to sign up may have already signed up with the same email and is trying to enter a different password for it. In this case, the member can reset the password to regain access to the account.

5) The person misspelled his/her email while signing up and for that reason cannot possibly get the password right. Typically only going through the Help Center can help with this.

6) You may be trying to access the network through an unsupported browser. Here is a list of the browsers we support.

Sojournals runs best on the following browsers:
* Firefox 2
*Internet Explorer 6 or 7
* Safari 2 or 3

Hope these tips help you even more.

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