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Our services are influenced by the fundamentals of good storytelling, and the ability to expand narrative using digital interactive media. We want to hack your story, add technology, allow your media to come alive!

The Process...

First, we'll have an informal discussion about the story you would like told or enhanced so that we better understand your expectations.

Next, we brainstorm with you about your project and your budget, and work to meet your budget with a cost effective rate for services. Once the budget is agreed upon we'll begin work on preproduction aspects such as script writing, storyboard, location scouting, etc. Whether it's documentary photo and video, live events or event promotion, we can enhance your project with participatory aspects to make your media interactive, virtual, responsive, and social on the web.

- We can create human stories for non profits that inform, entertain, and draw community around mission.

- Families, let us collect and preserve your stories as oral histories, living portraits (video portraits or short documentaries), or even immersive websites that capture pride and legacy.

- For small businesses we can create original web-exclusive content, interactive print engagement campaigns, and multimedia presentations to promote brand awareness.

- We provide artists and entertainers photography and music videos with interactive features to engage your audience, create fans, and empower them to promote your media! Let us provide your business with professional digital content to enhance your company’s brand and create lasting impressions.

Digital Video Production Services
Services for video production include: event documenting, promotional videos, web casting, online video management, and content creation for web and broadcast media.

Photography Services Eye popping event photography, corporate photo imaging, head shots, press photos, and in-studio photo sessions can be provided at affordable rates for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Social Media Marketing & Web Publishing Consulting

Sojournals can provide a growing number of options for businesses looking for new and creative ways to market their business, products, and services. We'll work with you to enhance your current web content, or develop new engagement campaigns in line with your business goals.

Sojournals is a media network where media professionals, filmmakers, and digital content creators connect to create quality media!


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