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D.C.’s Historic Deanwood neighborhood receives an ArtPlace Arts and Culture Temporium Grant

For Immediate Release                                             

Media Contact

Seshat Y. Walker

DeanwoodxDesign Project Director

D.C.’s Historic Deanwood neighborhood receives…


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Media Contact: Jade Foster (202) 747-8802




Lesbian Arts Organization Hosts One Woman Show and Call To Action

WASHINGTON DC, November 21, 2011—FAT tells the story of a skinny girl raised in a family of full…


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Duke Ellington Presents Dreamgirls The Musical

For Tickets and information visit their Box Office. For News and updates visit the Ellington Dreamgirls blog, or follow them…


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Glogger Interactive Posters

Image representing Glogster as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I was talking with my mother yesterday and she mentioned this cool new tool that let's you create interactive posters called Glogster. They're kinda like the Science Fair… Continue

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Member Feedback! A Voice For Your Concerns

Hey Members!

Sojournals needs to go to the next level and I need your ideas to help make that happen. I encourage you all to use the "Feedback" button on the left-hand side of the network site to share ideas, concerns, and suggestions so that we can all get the best out of what this network… Continue

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TechTasters Launches "Apps For Ben's" at Premier of New Monthly Lunch Event

It's been a while since our last TechTasters event, but we are back in action with a new lunch event every 1st Monday of the month at Ben's Next Door on DC's historic U Street. Our premier event will kick off the "Apps For Ben's" iPhone app contest on April 5,… Continue

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Ben’s Chili Bowl? There’s An App For That.



Robert Newkirk…


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Grammy Nominated Artist and Producer KOKAYI to Have Music Featured in French Film

Washington, DC Grammy nominated artist and Producer KOKAYI produced and rhymed on the original songs "Believe It" and " LeRoi" which appear in the short film “A l’arraché” directed by Paul Manate. The film is scheduled to be shown at this year's Cannes Film Festival and Clermont Festival. Starring in the film is famous French soccer player Vikash Dhorasoo who portrays a worker… Continue

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NEW! Sojournals Has Added NutshellMail

Image representing NutshellMail as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

NutshellMail: Simplify Your Online Social Life from David Lyman on…


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Use Zemanta To Add Inbound Links To Your Ning Blog

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Zemanta in 60 Seconds from zemanta on Vimeo.

If you've been… Continue

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Vegan Wednesday's at Brooklyn Cafe

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TechTasters - Tech Savvy Social Media Workshops

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TechTasters - Tech Savvy Social Media Solutions

Objective: To promote the use of technology and online media applications by tech-savvy professionals, artists, and educators. Tech Tasters.

TechTasters: noun - def:

A techie fanatic that seeks information on the latest in emerging software and online communities, innovative trends, and electronic devices. Style, innovation, utility, and novelty are intrinsic… Continue

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Bust of Sojourner Truth, Former Slave, Unveiled at U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON - APRIL 28: Rep. Sheila Jackson Le...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Democratic and Republican… Continue

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SoJo Studio Photo Shoots!


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New Photos! SOUL Britannia featuring OMAR (UK)

Find more photos like this on Sojournals

Visit us on Flickr too!

SOUL Britannia is a new, special event series that highlight and pays tribute to the Brit Soul music legacy. In April the event launched and featured OMAR (UK) with an opening performance by Asheru, Deborah Bond, and The ELs. Soundscapes for the night were provided by… Continue

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HardknockTV | Kanye West, Common and Erykah Badu Freestyle @ SXSW

Visit HardKnockTV to see more exclusives from 2009 SXSW and artists like K'naan, The Cool Kids, and many more!

Subscribe to them on YouTube…


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Kanye West Discusses His Futuristic Complex Cover

I really enjoyed watching this video on Complex Magazine Kanye West cover. I like it not only for the insight into Kanye's futuristic self-perception, but also the technology being presented by the Photographer/CGI Director for the cover Chris Milk. Check for more photos in the… Continue

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Hey Flickr Friends I've Posted New Photos! The Foreign Exchange! Share!

SoJo was invited backstage the to The Foreign Exchange concert at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. March 6, 2009

Watch the photo slide show featuring live music from the concert under videos on!

Invite SoJo to your backstage contact Kelli Anderson -…


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Vote Green: Help Chlorofilm Workshop Win $200,000 to Create an Online Green Living Comic-Series

Hello! My good friends at Chlorofilm Workshop have entered a $200,000 green contest and they want your vote, your friends' vote, your uncle's vote and... even your slap-happy-gran-pappy to vote for Chlorofilm Workshop to win. What is it? Chlorofilm Workshop is a GREEN entertainment TV pilot, developed by a group of visionaries, writers, directors, actors and filmmakers. Its kinda like the EPA having martinis with SNL and SESAME STREET. Its GREEN video shorts to… Continue

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