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Most finance news programs and sites tell you what to think. ThrasherTV wants to know what YOU think. We pick the stock, you take a side. Do you think Google is overvalued? Can Apple bounce back? Can Gap keep up with Target? Upload a video of your stock analysis and tell us. Each week, we will select two videos to be pitted against one another and featured on and ThrasherTV's youtube channel. We will run up to 4 contests per month and with viewer assistance and will pick the winning Bull vs. Bear videos. Each weekly contest winner will have the opportunity to compete against one another for the chance to become a Thrasher Funds iAnalyst.

1. Each Monday, We will post an Announcement Video of the contested stock via a video on and

2. To be considered, videos must be submitted no later than 11:00pm the Wednesday after the announcement. Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes in length and should include the reasons why you like or dislike a stock and should address the key questions posed in the Announcement Video. Any video submission that fails to address these questions will not be considered as a valid entry. In the video description, please include your name, age and location.

3. Upload videos to

4. Any video containing profanity and/or strong sexually suggestive material will not be considered as a valid entry.

5. Weekly winners will be notified via message on their Youtube channel and will be featured on and ThrasherTV's youtube channel.

6. One entry per person, per week. Weekly winners are not prevented from submitting entries for future weeks. Winners will be chosen on the basis of their stock analysis as judged by, We'll also check back in at the one month mark from the time of the analyst battle to see who was right (in the short term) -

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